IoT Security Testing and Exploitation Framework

Learn how to streamline IoT security testing with our open-source framework. Identify security loopholes and automate time-consuming test cases to save time during security assessments.

What's in the Course?

  • Installing EXPLIoT Framework on your system
  • Modes of Usage and Basic Commands
  • MQTT Plugins - Publish and Subscribe
  • MQTT Authentication Crack Plugin
  • Modbus Plugins readtcp and writetcp
  • CAN Plugins - Readcan Writecan and fuzzcan
  • Dicom Plugins

What you will Learn

You will start with learning the different ways to install the EXPLIoT Open-source framework. Explore usage modes, essential commands, and advanced functionalities such as MQTT plugin operations (publishing, subscribing, and authentication cracking), MODBUS plugin functions (readtcp and writetcp), CAN plugin capabilities (readcan, writecan, and fuzzcan), along with DICOM plugin exploration. Additionally, delve into MQTT AWS-IoT plugins and IAM integration; all presented through a systematic, step-by-step approach.


EXPLIoT Framework, is an innovative Open-Source Framework that identifies security loopholes, automates time-consuming test cases and saves time during IoT security research and assessments. This course will equip you with the expertise to utilize the EXPLIoT Open Source framework effectively. 

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Appar Thusoo

Appar, a seasoned IoT Security Ninja at Payatu, specializes in hardware, RF, and firmware security. A dedicated open-source contributor to IoT and SDR projects, he thrives on playing CTFs and tackling Signal reversing challenges. Appar has showcased his expertise by delivering compelling talks and training sessions at renowned conferences such as Checkpoint, IEEE SYWL, SISDRUG, null meets, and more.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Automate IoT security and enhance your professional skills 

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