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Introduction to Automotive Security

 Embark on an exciting journey into Automotive Security, discovering how to pinpoint a vehicle's vulnerabilities and kickstart your car hacking adventure with open-source tools.

IoT Product Security with Compliance Standards

Enroll for a comprehensive course in IoT security. Decode global standards, tackle compliance, and gain an elite security checklist. Tailored for IoT stakeholders—manufacturers, developers, and service providers—ready to conquer the digital landscape.

An Introduction to OT Security

Explore ICS security—from intricate networks to basic controllers, safeguarding industrial processes against risks. Join our concise journey into the heart of industrial control and security!

Introduction to IoT Security Assessment

This course covers IoT vulnerability assessments and popular penetration testing tools, using a beginner-friendly approach that makes it accessible to all levels of expertise.

Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Get ready to explore the fundamentals of RF, signal processing, and essential tools through beginner-friendly demonstrations. Our Course also covers wireless security and popular hacks, providing a well-rounded understanding.

IoT Hardware Hacking: SPI Hacks

Gain mastery over the SPI protocol, a cornerstone in IoT devices utilizing memory chips and RF modules. Delve into the basics of SPI, explore security issues, identify SPI pins on IoT products, and harness the power of EXPLIoT tools to sniff and hack SPI chips.

IoT Hardware Hacking: UART to Shell

Master the secrets of UART protocol, decode baud rates, and uncover the critical role of UART in IoT communication. Dive into hands-on exploration, acquiring practical skills to identify UART ports and wield EXPLIoT tools.

IoT Hardware Hacking: Att(ack)ing I2C

Unravel the intricacies of the I2C protocol's communication dynamics within IoT hardware. The course provides insights into potential attacks, equipping learners with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to identify I2C pins on IoT devices.

Medical Device Security

Embark on a journey into the heart of the rapidly expanding medical device industry with our free course. This course delves into the intricacies of medical device security, exploring the industry's growth, potential threats, and real-world case studies.

Exploiting ARM-Based IoT Devices

Dive into the intricacies of Return Oriented Programming and emerge with the ability to exploit basic vulnerabilities in ARM-based IoT devices. By the course's conclusion, you'll be equipped to write ARM assembly, shape it into effective shellcode, and elevate your cybersecurity game.

EXPLIoT - IoT Security Testing and Exploitation Framework

Learn how to streamline IoT security testing with our open-source framework. Identify security loopholes and automate time-consuming test cases to save time during security assessments.
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