Introduction to Automotive Security

 Embark on an exciting journey into Automotive Security, discovering how to pinpoint a vehicle's vulnerabilities and kickstart your car hacking adventure with open-source tools.

IoT Product Security with Compliance Standards

Enroll for a comprehensive course in IoT security. Decode global standards, tackle compliance, and gain an elite security checklist. Tailored for IoT stakeholders—manufacturers, developers, and service providers—ready to conquer the digital landscape.

An Introduction to OT Security

Explore ICS security—from intricate networks to basic controllers, safeguarding industrial processes against risks. Join our concise journey into the heart of industrial control and security!

Introduction to IoT Security Assessment

This course covers IoT vulnerability assessments and popular penetration testing tools, using a beginner-friendly approach that makes it accessible to all levels of expertise.

Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Get ready to explore the fundamentals of RF, signal processing, and essential tools through beginner-friendly demonstrations. Our Course also covers wireless security and popular hacks, providing a well-rounded understanding.
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