Introduction to Automotive Security

Embark on an exciting journey into Automotive Security, discovering how to pinpoint a vehicle's vulnerabilities and kickstart your car hacking adventure with open-source tools.

What's in the Course?

  •  Automotive landscape
  • Vehicle attack surface
  • History of car hacking
  • In-vehicle network
  • Demonstration on a virtual car
  • The current posture of the industry

What you will Learn

Gain insights into Automotive security, including identifying a vehicle's attack surface and initiating your car hacking journey using open-source tools.


Automotive security addresses the overall security of vehicles. With the increasing consumer base and advanced technology in vehicles, new interface points are being added for V2V and V2I communications, heightening the criticality of potential hacker threats and control over vehicle fleets.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Kartheek Lade

Kartheek Lade, an Associate Security Researcher at Payatu specializing in Hardware Security, actively delves into Automotive Security and IoT. He's consistently expanding his knowledge in areas like ISO/SAE 21434 and wireless security. Kartheek is passionate about contributing to and engaging with security communities, and he has shared insights as a speaker at esteemed events like BlackHat Asia, COcOn, and BSides Delhi. Additionally, he has created blogs and open-source tools to facilitate collaboration among like-minded individuals in their learning journeys.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Explore Automotive Security and Uncover Attack Surfaces with Open-Source Tools!

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