Introduction to IoT Security Assessment

This course will thoroughly explore the potential vulnerabilities in the IoT attack surface. You'll gain essential skills through a practical and comprehensive assessment approach, which includes an overview of widely used penetration testing tools. Our beginner-friendly demonstrations make the learning experience accessible to individuals of all expertise levels, enriching your knowledge and skills in this field.
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What's in the Course?

  • Introduction to IoT
  • Why IoT security
  • IoT attack surface
    Generalized approach of assessment and common tools for pen-testing
  • Demo for beginners

What you will Learn

In response to the 300% surge in IoT device proliferation over the past year, this course focuses on empowering novice IoT security researchers. Gain insights into the challenges the IoT boom poses by covering key aspects like IoT pen-testing tools, attack surfaces, and assessment techniques. This course is tailored for beginners and provides theoretical foundations and practical knowledge for securing IoT ecosystems in our interconnected world.


The course then delves into the IoT attack surface, providing a nuanced understanding of potential vulnerabilities. A practical and generalized approach to assessment, coupled with an exploration of common pen-testing tools, equips participants with essential skills. To enhance the learning experience, the course includes beginner-friendly demonstrations, ensuring accessibility for all levels of expertise.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Asmita Jha

Asmita is an accomplished IoT cybersecurity consultant, specializing in hardware and firmware security and reverse engineering. With a keen eye for identifying security threats at the hardware layer, she has presented at high-profile events like CPX360, Nullcon, IDCSS, Hackaday Remoticon, and nullmeets. As a distinguished speaker and trainer, Asmita inspires attendees to elevate their cybersecurity skills, deriving immense pleasure from reversing embedded/IoT devices to uncover potential attacks at the hardware layer.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Introduction to IoT Security Assessment

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