Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Explore the fascinating world of Radio Frequency (RF) and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) in this comprehensive course tailored for enthusiasts. Delve into essential topics such as RF fundamentals, signal processing, key tools, beginner-friendly demonstrations, and gain insights into wireless security and popular hacks. Perfect for those eager to deepen their understanding of RF and embark on an SDR learning journey.

What's in the Course?

  • Introduction to RF
  • Signal processing and maths
  • Tools of the trade
    Beginner-friendly demonstrations
  • Wireless security and popular hacks

What you will Learn

Master the essentials of Radio Frequency (RF) and Software-Defined Radio (SDR). Explore the fundamentals of RF, delve into the intricacies of signal processing, familiarize yourself with key tools, and participate in hands-on demonstrations. Ideal for enthusiasts, this course provides a comprehensive understanding and practical skills for navigating the dynamic world of SDR.


Embark on a comprehensive journey into Radio Frequency (RF) and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) in this enthusiast-tailored course. Covering RF fundamentals, signal processing, essential tools, and hands-on demonstrations, it's perfect for those eager to deepen their understanding and dive into the world of SDR.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Appar Thusso

Appar, a seasoned IoT Security Ninja at Payatu, specializes in hardware, RF, and firmware security. A dedicated open-source contributor to IoT and SDR projects, he thrives on playing CTFs and tackling Signal reversing challenges. Appar has showcased his expertise by delivering compelling talks and training sessions at renowned conferences such as Checkpoint, IEEE SYWL, SISDRUG, null meets, and more.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Explore Software Defined Radio and discover wireless security hacks

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