IoT Hardware Security: Att(ack)ing I2C

Delve into the basics of the I2C protocol, unravel security issues, and explore the diverse array of attacks possible. Learn to pinpoint I2C pins on IoT products and harness the power of EXPLIoT tools for sniffing and hacking I2C chips.

What's in the Course?

  • Basics of I2C protocol
  • Security issues with I2C protocol
  • Types of possible attacks on I2C
  • I2C Tools/Framework
  • Finding out I2C pins on an IoT product
  • Use EXPLIoT tools (Bus Auditor, EXPLIoT Nano) to identify I2C pins, sniff and hack I2C chips

What you will Learn

The course addresses the pressing security issues associated with the I2C protocol and offering insights into various types of potential attacks. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills in identifying I2C pins on IoT devices – a crucial step in understanding and manipulating communication channels. The course culminates in the use of cutting-edge EXPLIoT tools, enabling you to identify I2C pins, sniff communication, and explore the art of hacking I2C chips.


The I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) protocol stands as a cornerstone in the realm of electronic communication, particularly within the Internet of Things (IoT). It facilitates seamless data exchange between microcontrollers, sensors, and various components, enabling efficient and synchronized communication in complex systems. Despite its widespread use, the I2C protocol is not immune to security challenges. Understanding its intricacies, potential vulnerabilities, and mastering the skills to secure it are crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Yashodhan Mandke

Yashodhan Mandke is an IoT Security Researcher and Compliance Manager with over a decade of experience in IoT and AI research and development. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in AspePhotoo and holds academic qualifications in B.E. (E&TC), M.Tech (Signal Processing), and M.Tech (Communication). His research expertise extends to Signal Processing, RF, Electromagnetics, and cubesatellite.
Yashodhan is responsible for developing and delivering IoT security capabilities and is actively working on obtaining security certifications. His current research in IoT security focuses on Side-channel attacks, Fault injection, and Automotive security.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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