IoT Hardware Hacking: UART to Shell

Master UART basics, explore its crucial role in IoT communication, and acquire skills to identify UART ports using EXPLIoT tools.

What's in the Course?

  • Basics of UART protocol
  • Understanding Baud rate
  • UART Identification
  • Security issues with UART protocol
  • Find out UART port for an IoT product
  • Use EXPLIoT tools to identify UART pins and access the UART shell

What you will Learn

Gain comprehensive insights into the fundamental principles of the UART protocol, including a deep understanding of baudrate and UART identification. The course delves into the critical role UART plays in IoT communication and debugging while addressing potential security issues associated with its implementation.


The UART shell serves as a gateway to the heart of IoT devices, providing a direct interface for communication and debugging. In hardware hacking, gaining access to the UART shell is a pivotal skill, allowing enthusiasts and professionals to interact directly with the device's firmware. This access opens doors to understanding device functionalities, identifying vulnerabilities, and even manipulating its behavior. 

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Yashodhan Mandke

Yashodhan Mandke is an IoT Security Researcher and Compliance Manager with over a decade of experience in IoT and AI research and development. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in AspePhotoo and holds academic qualifications in B.E. (E&TC), M.Tech (Signal Processing), and M.Tech (Communication). His research expertise extends to Signal Processing, RF, Electromagnetics, and cubesatellite.
Yashodhan is responsible for developing and delivering IoT security capabilities and is actively working on obtaining security certifications. His current research in IoT security focuses on Side-channel attacks, Fault injection, and Automotive security.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Unlock the hidden capabilities of UART hacking in IoT devices!

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