IoT Product Security with Compliance Standards

In a world connected by IoT devices, our course is your map to safeguarding critical data and business success. We'll explore global standards, navigate existing compliance, and provide you with a security checklist. This journey is for IoT manufacturers, developers, and service providers ready to conquer the digital wilderness.

What's in the Course?

  • Role of loT security compliance
  • loT security compliance Agencies
  • loT security compliances in practise
  • Security Guideline overview
  • IoT Model
  • Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Case Study

What you will Learn

This course provides a comprehensive overview of IoT security compliance, highlighting its importance in securing IoT products. It covers global compliance standards, in-depth exploration of IoT security standards, and real-world case studies. 


As IoT devices become central to our lives, securing them is crucial. Our course explores global standards, existing compliance, and provides a security checklist. Ideal for IoT manufacturers, developers, and service providers.

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Yashodhan Mandke

Yashodhan Mandke is an IoT Security Researcher and Compliance Manager with over a decade of experience in IoT and AI research and development. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in AspePhotoo and holds academic qualifications in B.E. (E&TC), M.Tech (Signal Processing), and M.Tech (Communication). His research expertise extends to Signal Processing, RF, Electromagnetics, and cubesatellite.
Yashodhan is responsible for developing and delivering IoT security capabilities and is actively working on obtaining security certifications. His current research in IoT security focuses on Side-channel attacks, Fault injection, and Automotive security.
Patrick Jones - Course author

IoT Product Security with Compliance Standards

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