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Take your IoT Hacking game to the next level with our free E-Book! From basic to advance, our E-book will give you hands-on approach to IoT security. Download now and get ready to transform your IoT Security Career!
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Learn how to secure IoT devices with the

Hands on Internet of Things Hacking E-Book

  • Understand the intricacies of IoT hardware, learn how to perform reconnaissance, and delve into debugging techniques. Gain insights into identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in IoT devices.
  • Explore a wide range of essential IoT protocols such as Zigbee, BLE, SDR, MQTT, and CoAP. Grasp the nuances of each protocol and discover potential security challenges associated with them.
  • Delve into major attack surfaces that hackers often target in IoT devices. Learn about UART, I2C, SPI, JTAG, SWD, SCA, and FI.

Meet the authors

Aseem Jakhar

Director - EXPLIoT

Dattatrye Hinge

Lead Developer


Associate Security Consultant

Hrushikesh Kakade

Security Consultant
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Aseem Jakhar, Dattatrye Hinge, Hrushikesh Kakade & Asmita
235 Pages
4.1 / 687 Reviews
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